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MINERVA Consulting focuses on aligning an organization’s business processes with its strategic vision, particularly during periods of change. These issues may manifest themselves in a variety of ways, often across functional groups. Given the broad range of our business experience, we are uniquely qualified to assist in identifying and resolving these issues.

Restructuring projects or acquisitions often are opportune times to examine the way each organization does business to determine whether the two styles are consistent with the new strategic goals.

MINERVA Consulting can review the existing resources, processes and culture to evaluate the degree of alignment between these key business drivers and recommend practical solutions.

Examples of services and the issues they address:

  • Revenue Enhancement Projects
    • Are annual Client Revenues sufficient to cover variable costs?
    • What is the median revenue per account?
    • How does it compare to the average revenue?
    • Do Client Revenues over time reflect a consistent Pricing Approach?
    • Is the organization disciplined in applying the Pricing Approach?
  • Commercial Loan Workout Services
    • Can the borrower repay the loan in a reasonable timeframe?
    • Is the value of the collateral current? Is it in good repair?
    • Is there an appropriate business strategy?
    • Is all the documentation current and in good order?
    • Is there a feasible disposition strategy?
  • Product Reviews, New Product Development & Implementation
    • Do Products address all of our Clients’ needs?
    • Are the Products profitable?
    • Are Products priced competitively?
  • Business Strategy Review & Documentation
    • Is the Business Strategy effective?
    • Does the Business Strategy address current market realities?
    • Is there sufficient capital available to support the Business Strategy?
  • Systems Integration Audits
    • Is system functionality used to the fullest extent possible?
    • Is system functionality leveraged to minimize manual processes?
    • Does staff perceive the same issues as management?
  • Operational Effectiveness Reviews
    • Is the operation function effective?
    • Were manual processes reviewed and re-engineered since conversion to a new or enhanced system?
    • Are there Staffing Models in most areas?
    • Are there metrics and performance measurement in all areas of the organization?
    • Are Products & Services delivered effectively through all Channels?
  • Organizational Reviews
    • Is the organization structured to be the most efficient?
    • Is the Span of Control optimal?
    • Are management teams and work teams effective?
    • How many levels are there between the Customer and the CEO?
  • Client Management Strategy Development and Support
    • Are the staff and systems designed to support the Client Management Strategy?
    • Are the right people in place? Are the right systems in place?
    • Is the Client Service Function perceived as effective? Internally? Externally?
    • Is the Client Service function supported across the organization?
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
    • Is the organization delivering on the brand promise?
    • What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the current environment?
    • Are Client perceptions consistent with management’s perspective?
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